Located in Humboldt Saskatchewan, Crossbred Horses is in the business of producing hybrid horses.  After spending thirty five years in Veterinary Medicine as a large animal practitioner, it was time to say, “And now what?” A six-horse hitch of grey Percheron geldings was put together and shown for two years and then sold. The logical next step seemed to be the breeding and raising of horses – but what breed? The purchasing of a group of brood mares of any breed would be quite a task and take a few years. I was anxious to get started and discovered that a group called “Performance Standardbreds” provides mares from the racing circuit. The only thing wrong with the mares was that they could not run fast enough. These mares are well trained, used to being hitched and around lots of noise. We have purchased registered mares through Performance Standardbreds that we are extremely pleased with and that we think will be great for cross breeding with purebred stallions. Having two known purebred parents will theoretically produce an offspring that will have the strengths of the parents as well as hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor makes a stronger horse that we think should give you a low maintenance horse that will ride or drive for many years at a minimal cost – or, a ”tough horse”.

We decided to use various breeds of studs on the brood mares and now have Haflinger and Percheron cross foals. This year (08) we are also using Fjord and Friesian studs. We believe our breeding program of maintaining and raising horses in natural groups will give good experience to the young horses and peace and contentment for the brood mares. We also have purebred Haflinger mares and Percheron mares that are bred pure.
At present we have Haflinger Standardbred cross yearlings and Percheron Standardbred cross yearlings for sale. They have a great personality and are easy to train and a joy to have on our premises.